About US

Company Background

B Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd (BSI) was established in 2014 and has become Cambodia’s leading and the most trusted distributor of scientific and technical instruments that improve people’s lives.

We provide a range of Measurement and Analysis Instruments, Laboratory Furniture, Meteorology, and Survey Equipment from leading principals in Europe, North America, and Regional Suppliers.

Today with the teams’ experience, BSI shares its expertise with the customers and provides them with quality and comprehensive supports: choosing the right equipment, installing, training, servicing, and maintaining parts and consumables available across the country. Our strong and dynamic team experience comes from regular exercise locally and overseas (at the principals’ facilities).

The company commits to giving our customers high benefits and value by using our local solutions and services.

Chairman Message

Welcome to BSI Cambodia!

We are Cambodia’s most reliable provider of scientific instruments and consumables.

BSI partners with world-class suppliers in providing innovative technology and best-in-class products in the industry. Our extensive global networks and industry expertise and our in-depth local knowledge of the markets and practices in Cambodia will help you produce more accurate results in less time and at a reduced cost.

Founded in 2014, BSI has the sole intention to cater to the growing demand for quality scientific instruments in health care, education and training, construction, biochemistry, bio-food, laboratories, and other areas. We have a dedicated team of in-house after-care services. Given our total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction over the years, we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers.

We are your trusted partners for success. We take our client’s interests at heart. We look forward to working with you.

Saborith Chum

Founder & Chairman


BSI is Cambodia most trusted distributor of scientific instruments and beyond.


The company’s mission is to provide reliable scientific instruments and services to serve the best interests of customers and stackholders.




  • Deliver customer satisfaction by listening to and exceeding customer expectations
  • Add value for our customers through our services



  • Be a team player. Grow together.
  • Build a diversified team of​talented and competent staff
  • Recognize and encourage outstanding performance



  • Deliver quality in all our work
  • Ensure on-time commitments
  • Use the best available and appropriate technologies and methods to achieve the goal



  • Seek innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals
  • Keep learning, practicing, and improving



  • Behave ethically and responsibly in all our business activities
  • Demonstrate respect and inclusion towards our customers and in our workplace
  • Practice fraud-free and refrain from all forms of deceitful acts
  • Be honest always

Core Value