Chum Saborith

Mr Chum Saborith


Saborith is a farmer-born individual in a province of Cambodia who has made all his way through various challenges and opportunities to become a thoughtful business leader and a caring individual. He has been a great follower of Buddhism and has adopted the Buddhism principles in his daily conversion and leadership. These qualities have been carried out and shared across the company, becoming the company’s DNA.

Besides, Saborith is a trained engineer and a professional in the industry by default and has 20-years of experience. Therefore, Saborith understands every trick of the trade in the industry; thus, he could help address every need of the employee, customers, and partners, giving them more value-added experiences.

Saborith has been very active in contributing to the community via various social projects. He has been a member of different organizations, such as the Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia (YEAC), Cambodia Japan Business association (CJBI) and Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CC).

Saborith trusts that his contribution to the scientific instruments of education, laboratory and healthcare sector will help improve the lives of many, if not all, people, thus leading to a better community and a better Cambodia.