Autosampler for Potentiometric Titrator – HI922

The HI922 Autosampler is an automated titration sample handling system designed for use with the HI932 Automatic Titration System. This high quality system makes the titration of multiple samples quick and easy. The HI922 Autosampler interfaces directly with the HI932 to access titration methods, allowing up to 18 samples to be run consecutively.




The HI922 can utilize up to three peristaltic pumps for reagent addition, sample leveling, and waste aspiration. An included control panel allows for manual operation of the motors and pumps.

The Autosampler also features a built-in magnetic stirrer or optional overhead stirrer, status indicator lights, USB interface with compatible barcode reader, and built-in RFID for each tray.


Chemically Resistant Pumps

  • You can connect up to three peristaltic pumps on the HI922 Autosampler. These peristaltic pumps use high performance plastic, engineered to be chemically resistant with a long service life. Each pump has a flow rate greater than 200 mL/min and can be used for reagent addition, sample leveling, or waste.


Multipurpose Arm

  • The Autosampler’s durable electrode holder is able to accommodate three 12 mm electrodes, a temperature sensor, one aspiration tube, five multipurpose tubes, and an overhead stirring assembly, allowing for maximum versatility. The multipurpose spaces can be utilized for a variety of functions including reagent addition or burette dosing.


Autosampler Status Indicator

  • Highly visible status lights are located on top of the Autosampler. These lights correspond to the status indication on the HI932 titrator display and can clearly be seen from a distance. These indicator lights double as a safety feature and serve to automatically stop the current titration sequence with a simple press.


Choice of Sample Trays

  • The HI922 is able to automate samples using a 16 or 18 sample tray. The 16 sample tray accommodates 150 mL beakers while the 18 sample tray holds 100 mL beakers. The trays are composed of chemically resistant material and are easily removable. Each tray is dishwasher safe, providing a quick and simple way for users to clean regularly.


Automatic Tray Recognition

  • The HI921 sample trays feature a built-in RFID reader that’s able to detect and communicate the size and serial number of any tray on the carousel. Users can set up multiple trays designated to differing sample sets without confusion. The RFID reader will ensure that the appropriate tray is used each time.


Optical IR Beaker Detection

  • An optical IR beam is able to detect the presence or absence of each beaker within the sample tray. A user can select which action the HI922 should take if a beaker is missing during a titration sequence. The Autosampler may be programmed to skip the missing beaker, pause, or stop the titration sequence.


Smart Positioning

  • The HI922 contains an absolute encoder that can track the tray position without needing to return “home” or calibrate. The encoder retains the position information when powered off and is readily available when powered back on.


Integrated Magnetic Stirrer

  • A magnetic stirrer comes built into each carousel assembly. Users simply have to add a small magnetic stir bar to each sample beaker to ensure samples are well-mixed during titrations. An optional overhead propeller stirrer may also be installed as an alternative. The HI921 allows you to easily adjust the stirring speed of both the built-in and overhead stirrers for optimal mixing.


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