Leica ICON

Building construction projects become more demanding in terms of design and requirements, which can quickly challenge professionals that utilise tapes, strings, and other manual means for their measurements. The inaccuracies from the analogue construction methods can belong to the past, thanks to the easy-to-use Leica iCON manual total stations. Make your step into digital construction workflows and bring your designs to life much quicker and with accuracy that eliminates errors and costly reworks. Leica iCON build, the on-board software specifically designed for such tasks, enables a faster layout, without compromising on quality.



The Leica iCON, simplifies your first step from conventional analogue layout methods to modern digital techniques which are required, as building construction becomes more and more digital. Easy-to-use and designed specifically for applications in the building construction industry, the iCB50 is usable with minimal training of the existing workforce, making you ready for the no-tapes and no-strings approach to construction layout.


The iCON iCB50 allows users to:

  • Layout points and lines quickly and accurately
  • Layout complex structures easily
  • Quickly perform verticality checks on formwork and structures
  • Complete fast and accurate as-built measurements
  • Work with digital design data including fully rendered models in IFC format


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