STANDARD( M10) Analysis

STANDARD M10 is a Point-of-Care MDx system that enables simple, fast and accurate diagnosis of infectious disease, drug resistance, and genetic testing.



The STANDARD M10 is a MDx system that measures quantitative or qualitative biomarkers from human samples. The system automatically extracts and amplifies nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) for molecular diagnosis from the collected samples, and analyzes the data from amplification in real-time.


  • Isothermal amplification + Real-time PCR in One Platform
  • Running time 30 – 60 min
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable modular configuration up to 8 modules
  • All-in-one cartridge (NA extraction + amplification)


  • Method              : All-in-on Cartridge Viral RNA Extraction : Column Method RNA Amplifrcation : RT- PCR (40 cycles)
  • Intended use    : Detection of RT- PCR
  • Specimen type  : Nasopharyngeal swab (VTM/UTM)
  • Specimen volume : 600ul
  • Testing time        : 30-60 minuts
  • Storage               : 2-28 °C

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